by Yann Gross


On Monday my sister leaves for Uganda for about the twentieth time. She studies primates and spends months at a time tracking them through the forest. Through the years she has tried to convince me to visit her in Africa but I’ve always been a bit too scared. This year I finally decided I would be brave and we are planning a trip for next year. So with Uganda on my mind, I somehow came across photographs by Yann Gross of Kampala, the city she always stays in. Yann documented the very first Ugandan skate park. Apparently two years ago, nobody in Uganda had really heard about skateboarding. Now today, according to Yann, the people that skate are considered almost superstars, recognized by the newspapers and television. Yann has created a newsprint book of his series of photographs. The photos are beautiful portraits of the skaters standing and in motion with their boards. I like that I can get a sense of the landscape from these photos as well which has increased my interest for a visit. Also speaking about Africa, if you haven’t heard the group The Very Best, you must have a listen. Their song Julia is my new theme song. Anyway, get a copy of Yann’s book here!

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