Magazine Appreciation Week: Popshot

As magazine after magazine folds, RIP, I have been noticing a new crop of smaller press magazines thriving. This week I wanted to show my appreciation for all the independent magazines out there who are sharing amazing content on paper and giving us a subscription we look forward to receiving.

Popshot magazine’s aim is to steal back poetry from “the clammy hands of school anthologies and funeral reading.” Each issue has a theme, this one being Us & Them. A series of poems by different writers were created around that theme and illustrations were made by various talented artists (ie. Julia Pott, Valero Doval, Beata Boucht) to accompany the poems. I’ve never been a huge poetry fan but this magazine has less intimidating and less pretentious writing than I am used to. For each poem, I was super interested to read the piece and see how the illustrator interpreted it compared to my own thoughts about it. I may be giving poetry a second thought thanks to this magazine! You can get one or a subscription right here.