Huge THANK YOU to PC Magazine who named BBIC one of their 50 Favorite Blogs of 2009! We are so honored !

RRR is defined as “a collection of recycled art made new by an international group of talented friends.” “The project began when we sent out a free downloadable ezine to our friends and family for Earth Day With art submitted by a great group of friends we sent out emails containing a link to the ezine. Artists were given a little less than two weeks to find or make work that concentrated on environmental issues. The designers were given a little less than a day each for layout. We believe in less talk more action.” Artists like Mike Perry (who co-published this book), Andrew Holder, Steve Harrington, Kelly Lynn Jones and a huge ton more contributed with drawings, photos, paintings and collages. It’s a handsome book and one you can feel good about buying because it’s also printed on recycled paper with an eco-conscious printer. I look forward to seeing future issues! Get this first one here.

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