by Matt Cassity and Sam Spratlin

The Artist’s Guide to Making Money

Thanks again Matt for last week’s books. I am happy to be back after the busy week. Surtex went very well. You can see pictures of my booth here, here and here if you’re interested. And since I’ve been thinking about how to make money all week I thought this book was appropriate–

One of my best friend’s who is also a talented illustrator/designer, Caitlin Keegan, suggested this book to me after she purchased it for her brother who just graduated from art school. It’s a cute little humorous two color publication edited by two designers- Matt Cassity and Sam Spratlin about ways artist’s can make money. They feature various artists work focused on the theme of making money and a few essays on the topic. One of the artists is Dan Funderburgh, one of my favorite pattern designers. His work has an urban aesthetic which lead him to design for clients like Ecko Unltd. and Zoo York. He recently made some great wallpapers with Flavor Paper which you should check out if you haven’t yet. For this issue he made a very classical looking poster with the text from all the pharmaceutical email advertisements he must have gotten. He also designed the endpapers for the book. Kate Bingaman is also a contributor. I recognized her work immediately from visiting her site Obsessive Consumption. She has been drawing her credit card statements since October 2004 and will keep drawings them until they are paid off. I love that! Some of those drawings are included in the book along with many other artists work. I have to say this is a pretty fun “guide” and well worth the 16 dollars I paid for it. I can’t wait to see the next issue. Pick up your copy here.



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