by Elizabeth Graeber and Alison Baitz

Your Things

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I went to the Brooklyn Zine Fest a few weeks ago and got a bagful of exciting new reading material. The high point for me is probably this zine, Your Things.  Illustrator Elizabeth Graeber and Writer Alison Baitz  got together in 2013 and decided to make a collaborative zine. The intro explains:

They realized that they shared one great love: thrift stores. January 2014 was spent trolling a secondhand shop by their shared studio on the Washington D.C./ Maryland border, looking for the pre-loved pieces that would end up in this zine.”


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Each page brings together a portrait of a found item, along with an invented narrative about that item. Elizabeth’s drawings are lovely and charming and make perfect thrift store portraits. And Allison’s bitter-and-only-sometimes-sweet stories range from one liners to complete narratives all in a sharp paragraph or two.

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Here’s some of my favorites among the shorts:

“Eliza bought this vest during her Apres-ski phase.”

“Max was really into trains as a child but was a little surprised to receive this train sweater on the Christmas on his 17th year from his well-meaning grandmother.”

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“It was jokingly speculated at the family reunion whether or not these child leggings were meant for some sort of clown-in-training.”


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Sam understood that this bird-shaped container was meant to be a permanent home for plants, but he preferred to use it as a pen holder.”


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The best kinds of collaborations happen when the artists combine their strengths to make something that neither could have done quite so well on their own. This feels like that kind of collaboration. They say in the introduction:

“This zine aims to celebrate the rich pasts of our collective things-pieces that ultimately bare (sic) witness to important times of our lives (and, if they’re lucky, more than one life.)”

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There’s some more info here: and you can purchase your very own copy here:

Elizabeth’s website is here. And Alison Baitz can be found here. 
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