by Kate Bingaman-Burt

What did You Buy Today?- Vol.Twenty Two/Nov 2007

I decided to get myself a holiday present and ordered a subscription to Obsessive Consumption’s monthly zine. Obsessive Consumption is Kate Bingham-Burt- “Obsessive Consumption started in 2002 when Kate decided to photograph all of her purchases and in turn created a brand out of the process to package and promote.” She hand draws all her credit card statements until they are paid off and also draws her daily purchases. Each month the daily purchase drawings are turned into this zine. So far I have gotten November’s which includes drawings of purchases like Publix Cheesy Shells, Cover Girl Blast mascara, and a dvd rental of Serpico. Each drawing has a couple sentences below describing something about the purchase. It nice reading these little bits which make it more personal. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about Kate by what she buys (she likes creamy peanut butter and thinks Six Feet Under is the best tv show ever)- and it’s only my first issue. The drawings are also really adorably quirky in all black ink lines. It’s very satisfying to see each purchase get it’s own page. I love when everyday objects suddenly have a meaning or a story behind them. This zine is only 4 dollars available here but you can buy a whole year’s subscription plus an introductory package and free issue for 48 dollars here. Or you can buy actual drawings here. Obsessive Consumption is having a show at Rare Device SF right now so if you are in that area- check it out. For more on Kate, check out her site here.



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